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Christopher Cascio - Portals, Pinwheels and Process Paintings 2020-2021

July 8 - Aug 22, 2021

A master of color and a full on fetishist of perfect surfaces, Cascio continues exploring systematic variations on his painting themes. The work combines complex color theory and motifs based on traditional quilting patterns into painted geometric abstraction.  Paintings are made using masking tape and aerosol acrylic paint.  Cascio is either busting out of or imploding his normal processes by including, for the first time, painted images of the way his paintings look when midway in the process of their manufacture, creating a psychological, strange meta-artworks that sit among the language of unfinished paintings in an intentionally over determined manner daring us to decide on their “completeness.”

Bill Arning Exhibitions 

604 West Alabama 

Houston, TX 77006

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