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October 30 - December 12, 2021

Canadian artist Zachari Logan works mainly with large-scale drawing, ceramics and installation practices; evolving a visual language that explores intersections between identity, memory and place. Engaging empirical explorations of landscape, figuration, and overlapping art-historic motifs, Logan re-wilds his body as an expression of queerness. Logan’s sensitivity to gender and sexual diversity is sublimated and celebrated in the weeds and dense foliage he depicts where exchange, intimacy and radical acceptance is possible. Metaphorically, these spaces suggest the resilient, hybridized intersectionality of queer communities, integrated in the liminal spaces where queerness can thrive. 

For Zachari Logan's first show with Bill Arning Exhibitions he will present one major sculpture as well as a selection of drawings at diverse sizes from tapestry-like  to illuminated manuscript scale. Created over the last decade these are often presented loose on the wall so the texture, pure color and substance of the drawings are not hidden behind glazing.   His work is deeply spiritual, intoxicated by natural beauty. patterns and associations but also highly erotic, in the manner of Whitman, Rumi or other troubadours of corporeal passions.

Bill Arning Exhibitions 

604 West Alabama 

Houston, TX 77006

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