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Tod Bailey - Thoughts Conceal Truth, painting the figure 2015-2020

January 16 - February 28, 2021 in West Gallery

 “Thought Conceals Truth - Painting the Figure 2015-2020,” Tod Bailey’s fifth solo show since arriving in Houston fall ‘07, along with 6 solo outings in other states.
Born in Tyler, Tx, 1970, Bailey has shown and traveled extensively, living and working in Germany, and in 2010-11, Paris, France and Castelnuovo Berardenga, Italy.

Among the planets most exuberant painters Tod Bailey fully engages cultural and artistic issues both grand and quotidian. The subset of the artist’s explicitly figurative works featured here and dating over the last six years are simultaneously sexy and playful, while simultaneously willing to look squarely at the horrors of our times, with titles like “Border Horror Show” and “Auto-De-Fe. A recent work “Cagana’s Search for his Red Cap” features the quirky figure from Catalan culture that is always shown defecating in the middle of Christmas nativity scenes to bring luck for the New Year. In its mix of scatalogical humor and serious cultural and  poetic resonances this work typifies the unique pleasures we find in Bailey’s work.

Bill Arning Exhibitions 

604 West Alabama 

Houston, TX 77006

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