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Tectonic Abstraction: Weighty Forms and Colossal Colors

December 16, 2021 - February 6, 2022

Opening Friday December 17th 6-9PM

Closed for Holidays (December 24, 25th and 26th and. 31st, 2021 and January 1st, 2022


Always available by appointment, call 6173599643 

Gail Fitzgerald, Ithaca NY

Jill Levine, New York, NY

David Kelley, Houston, TX

Andy Ness  Minneapolis, MN

Daniel McFarlane, Huntsville, TX

Sandro Kopp, Nairn Highlands, UK

Jane Fine Brooklyn, NY

Kate Mulholland, Houston, TX

Terry Suprean, Houston TX


For the last couple years, trudging though a life overflowing with multiple crises both personal and communal my eyes have been repeatedly drawn to heavy abstractions. Daring to employ the overused  corollary between the most abstract of major art forms—music—and abstract painting much of the most beloved contemporary abstract painting being made originates from the love of effortless complexity. Baroquely floating filigree figures in space that we associate with Bach and Mozart will always thrill the eye.


Yet those types of paintings were  not satisfying some inner need for gravitas, solemnity and weight.  My visual appetites were landing nearer to painterly versions of Mahler, Bruckner and occasionally Stockhausen.  Heavy, labored, yet soul stirring and unforgettable.  Those were the paintings I longed to share in my gallery for this new year’s difficult birth.  In trying to isolate this visual tendency I found the artists that affected that particular spot within my ocular soul did not in fact look much alike at all and employed very varied pallets, scales and methodologies. I invite you to see this omnibus of diverse works. 


Tectonic refers to large scale processes that take place within the earth's crust, of slow motion and exceedingly long duration. Some paintings here take a long time to apprehend or to make or the forms themselves speak of glacial movements. Tectonic Abstractions might still hit the eye quickly but also move slowly for unforgettable painterly experiences.

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