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Bill Arning Exhibitions @ Flatland Gallery: No Trigger Warnings

October 2019 - December 2019 @ Flatland Gallery in Houston, TX

Opening reception Wednesday October 9th from 6-9PM Featuring works by Kathe Burkhart, Max Colby, Jayne County, Thedra Cullar-Ledford, Alton DeLaney, Skylar Fein, Mark Flood, Erik Hanson, Wes Holloway, Dylan Hurwitz, Scooter LaForge, Steve Locke, Colin Radcliffe, Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens.No Trigger Warnings will provide a wide array of unforgettable artworks by artists from near and far that will provoke extreme responses of all types-- including hopefully, offense. Houstonians brag about the “no zoning” ethos being especially supportive for contemporary artists. That is because the libertarian world-view precludes the Yankee desire to censure art and artists. While that might not extend for most to actually liking, supporting, or collecting edgier artworks; young people raised seeing tough art from their earliest viewing experiences do want to live intimately with such pieces. In my home, I cherish whenever I have an open house and hear “ I couldn't live with that.” Coming out of a youth spent in Punk Rock clubs, visual art was forever tied to the same pugnacious urge to make high culture stimulatingly discomforting. October 9-28Opening reception Wednesday October 9th from 6-9PMGallery Hours Thursday through Sunday 12-6PM and by appointment Flatland Gallery Projects & Events - Rebecca Rose Friday Bill Arning Exhibitions-Bill Arning Contemporary Art Consultants

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