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March 2020 @ Flatland Gallery

Bill Arning Exhibitions with New Discretions at Flatland Gallery  

1709 Westheimer Road 

Houston TX 77006

EXTENDED INDEFINITELY (By appointment 8AM to 8PM everyday. Just call or email Bill.)
Betwixt;  Matthew Porter, Thedra Cullar-Ledford, Paul Kremer

Three artists from New York (Porter) and Houston (Cullar-Ledford and Kremer) will present works that intersect with the photographic without sitting fully in the confines of that mediums specificity. 

Porter will share some of his celebrated photographs of vintage cars appearing to hover in midair. Popularly known as the “flying car” series these works are a hybrid of hyperreality and studied, topographic description, part bittersweet nostalgia and part ironic reinvention of a classic American trope. These are combined with discreet small images culled from the larger images that accentuate the cinematic details the artist uses to imbue the frozen moments with a complex cinematic narrative. 


Cullar-Ledford, best known for works in response to the double mastectomy she needed in 2015 and the way it made her reconceptualize her body as being made of removable and interchangeable parts will exhibit for the first time in Houston her Endollinations in which living humans are transformed into life size cowboy and barbie dolls 


Paul Kremer is Houston’s secret art star, being based in Houston but rarely showing his twin practice is unique. Having first achieved fame for Great Art in Ugly Rooms, a project designed for online consumption, in which revered masterworks are transposed into unglamorous spaces. Kremer than achieved renowned for creating luscious super flat takes on modernism that appeared already transposed. These endlessly resealable works slipped between time periods looking simultaneously like works from the 1920s 1950s and anticipating 2020 on the horizon.

New Discretions is a nomadic curatorial and art advisory project by Benjamin Tischer of INVISIBLE-EXPORTS.

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