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Lovie Olivia - T I G H T R O P E :  exploring the concurrences of joy + grief | pleasure + discomfort | bondage + freedom

September 18 - October 25, 2021

“T I G H T R O P E is a collection of new and bold  secco-fresco paintings and mixed media sculptures constructed from silicone, metal and fiber.  The show  aims to comb through the seams, knots and kinks of synchronic events.  Works are informed by a compulsive probing at the erotic and diasporic archive to stimulate and disseminate ideologies around pleasure and liberation. While presenting through the lens of kink, clandestine, and other subcultural practices it celebrates the Black Queer Womanist aestheitic and incites wander, curiosity and restorartion through a legible rendering and weaving of materials” Artist Statement September 2021


Lovie Olivia is a native Houstonian whose fearless art practice encompasses painting, sculpture printmaking and performance and she has exhibited with every significant Houston space.  For her first solo show with the gallery Olivia has carte blanche to make her boldest statements ever. 

Bill Arning Exhibitions 

604 West Alabama 

Houston, TX 77006

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