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Contact, Adhesion and Rupture 
Christopher Cascio (Houston, TX)
James Concannon (Saugerties, NY)
Alexandria Deters (Bronx, NY)

Bill Arning Exhibitions / Hudson Valley October 7–December 10, 2023

Mental stickiness and irrational attractions are the order of the day in this new, three-artist exhibition Contact, Adhesion, and Rupture. Each of the three featured artists fixate on and invite us to share their interests in ways more than slightly discomforting.


For this exhibition, Christoper Cascio (Houston, TX) is sharing his collage paintings that use  legible fragments of salvaged shirt material in ways that reveal markers of his teenage identity in the counter-culturally significant neighborhood of Montrose in Houston. Each is overflowing with seemingly anxious juxtapositions.


Alexandria Deters (Bronx, NY)—by nature a researcher of subcultures—started investigating female evangelists and cult leaders who had caused demonstrable harm in 2021 and thought it would be a short, easily completable project. To her own astonishment, Deters is still finding new names and has produced over fifty creepy embroidered portraits of the subjects of her investigations, a time consuming method of picture making that allows her to dive deeper into her subjects' crimes in the process.  


James Concannon (Saugerties, NY)—best known for his work in fashion and punky assemblage—will present a new series of AI generated photographic images that seem to show cop cars on fire and darkly dangerous rallies. Yet Concannon's pictures philosophically question our belief systems in images and the very  possibility of authentic epochal events in an age of simulacra.

Bill Arning Exhibitions / Hudson Valley

17 Broad Street

Kinderhook NY 12106

Parking Always Available

October + November Hours: Saturday–Sunday: 11:00am–4:00pm

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