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Gerardo Rosales:
Juicy Jungle

Bill Arning Exhibitions / Houston March 24–April 29, 2023

For Gerado Rosales first solo exhibition at Bill Arning Exhibitions / Houston the Venezuelan artist will use his signature device of a massive decoratively opulent wall painting to weave together his densely layered thematics, such as environmentalism, Venezuelan political and economic realities,  beauty, danger and LGBTQ rights  Festooned with his more traditional acrylic on canvas paintings he will turn the gallery into a stage like landscape in which to rhyme our fragility and resilience with the tapirs and mosquitos that populate his work.


With a title inspired by the B-52s sexy environmental dance anthem Rosales conjures the dense vegetation and exotic animal life of the area he grew up in which the dire Venezuelan economic situation drives rampant deforestation with existential implications for the planet. 


Rosales will also exhibit for the first time a series of drawings about the police violence toward gays he grew up with and reminds us that caring for the planet, animals and sexual minorities are crucial for human life to survive.

Bill Arning Exhibitions / Houston

604 West Alabama, Houston, TX 77006

Parking Available

Thursday–Sunday: 12:00–6:00pm

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