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Jason Middlebrook
Small Time


Bill Arning Exhibitions / Hudson Valley July 8–August 13, 2023

Middlebrook is an artist who gathers creative inspiration from both nature and technology and transfers their complex relationships into works of sculpture, installation, paintings, mosaics, and large scale drawings. He says that his practice has sometimes been described as “schizophrenic” and “conceptually promiscuous.” However, there is continuity and major threads that intersect one another throughout his work. No matter the creative medium, interconnection between human beings and nature is always apparent. His work is often a reminder of human beings’ wastefulness and how modern living can be destructive to the planet. Yet Middlebrook remains optimistic about the resounding strength of nature and the complex, inspiring force behind it that no human being can truly understand.


Small Time is focussed on his smaller, more intimately scaled works that poetically conjure his experience making work in his bucolically sited studio in the Hudson Valley.

Bill Arning Exhibitions / Hudson Valley

17 Broad Street

Kinderhook NY 12106

Sumer Hours: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: 12–5PM

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