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Winter’s Long Embrace

January 6 – March 9, 2024

Special Groundhog Day Weekend Artist Reception
Saturday, February 3, 12–3PM

Winter is glorious in the Hudson Valley—like a classic Holiday movie—to visual seductions of glowing white fields of snow and the olfactory pleasures of smoke of a hundred nearby fireplaces.  Yet in the north, winter lingers too damn long. Like a bad relationship or even a good one, the embraces that are marvelous at first and remain so for a finite period can become suffocating. We look out at a three PM darkening sky and grumble, "shit, its still winter here."


The back and forth sense of simultaneous desires to “make this end” or “make this linger” rhymes with our erotic, romantic, and familial vibes.  The social norm of making sure to get in a relationship during cuffing season to have someone to bake for feels oppressive.  The weather intertwines with all those triggers to encourage the holding other beings’ bodies tightly—and Winter’s Long Embrace intends to make the most of those contradictory interwoven feelings.

Featuring Nick Barbee, Sallie Barbie, Chris Bernsten, Nayland Blake, TJ Griffin, Karsen Heagle, Joe Klockowski, Philip Knoll, Scooter LaForge, Stephen Lack, Thedra Cullar Ledford, Jean Paul Mallozzi, Mark Ponder, Gerardo Rosales, Elijah Ruhala, Carol Saft, Michael St John, David Sokosh, Michael Walden

Bill Arning Exhibitions

17 Broad Street, Kinderhook, NY 12106 

Parking Available

Winter Hours: Saturday, 11AM–4:00PM

And by Appointment

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