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Featuring TJ Griffin, Elijah Ruhala, Saul Jerome E. San Juan, Ali Alamdar, Alexandria Deters, Thedra Cullar Ledford, and Joachim West

Bill Arning Exhibitions / Houston January 21 – March 12, 2023

Figurish is not a word and that is probably best, as it sounds and appears like a mistake, a misspelling more than a neologism or clever coinage. Yet as a gallery we always have to put checkmarks or hashtags next to art works to make them searchable. But with each of these seven independent makers the need to describe them as figurative or describers of the  “human figure” also feels an error, as placing them next to a Thomas Eakins or even a Lisa Yuskavage makes them seem like double agents, infiltrators or imposters. Figurish relishes the universal desire to make a recognizable face and the immediate related desire to mess it up and make it hotly perverse, strange or poetically untrue.

Bill Arning Exhibitions / Houston

604 West Alabama, Houston, TX 77006

Parking Available

Thursday–Sunday: 12:00–6:00pm

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