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Animal Nitrate - A collective exhibition of perverse representations of the non human among us

January 16 - February 28, 2021 in East Gallery

Exit the human. Human dominion over the earth seems shaky at best and definitely ill advised.  It’s a good time to consider those other beings we the planet with, the furry, the feathered, the scaled, the shelled and even the fungal. We try to see our life choices through their eyes and find our lives inadequate. Animals don’t compare their fates to others and don’t require years of dharma study to learn to live in the moment. Is it any wonder we want to be surrounded by pictures of our nonhuman neighbors. 


Featuring thirteen artists from Houston, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Dallas and Philadelphia each relates to the non-human in ways that range from the quirky to perverse but always memorable.


Carter Ernst

Daniel Gibson

Wayne Gilbert

TJ Griffin

Erik Hanson

Karen Heagle

Allison Hunter

Wayne Koestenbaum

Bill Komoski

Sharon Kopriva
Katarina Janeckova

Laura Lark

Nick Lenker

Douglas Melini

Bob Morrissey

Rajab Ali Sayed

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